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  Oh, trick or treat! You must know what holiday it is, ha! Yes, it's Halloween. Why is it called Halloween filled with candy? I'm sure you want to know, so let's walk into this candy Halloween!

  As soon as I went downstairs, I saw several children wear masks, meant to widely spread-and deeply felt that I was a fun, rushed home to grab my devil masks down the floor, I found that several people in the play, I will join their organization, to discuss how to sugar. Several rounds down, my pocket is bulging, the next target is Yang Binrui home, a doorbell, Yang Binrui dad special enthusiasm, took his private let us, Yang Binrui he particularly depressed, he said: "ah, is can't eat sugar this year." Then, we went door to door to ask for sugar, ah! Is really extremely happy, they all give us the whole bag of sugar, we harvested the sugar much more special, flattered, we are one is to eat a sugar, is a pig eight quit to eat ginseng fruit -- I do not know its taste.

  The candy comes in and the sugar paper flies.

  Halloween is a candy heaven, Halloween is still the same. "Ah, trick or treat!"


  Today, my grandmother and I have a special English class, because today is Halloween. Halloween is a western holiday, in October 31 of each year is, Halloween Halloween is on November 1, whenever Halloween or at Halloween, western children can't wait to put on strange clothes, wear colourful masks. There are two hallmarks of Halloween -- "trick or treat," "make your own jack-o-lanterns."

  In this lesson, we have to make jack lights with parents and learn three new words. Let parents know that we are not easy to learn English, let us know that parents are hard to cook for us. Look at the words, we all learned candy, Halloween, pumpkins... We're taking it seriously. Parents are taking it more seriously.

  And then, we were very happy, because we were making jack-o-lanterns. We're going to have a race to see which group does the fastest and best, and the teacher says, "start now."

  I first drew a circle at the top of the pumpkin, and then I asked my grandmother to help me dig it down and make the lamp cover. I took another spoon and hollowed it out, which was used to put a candle, and then I drew two prismatic eyes and a triangular nose, a big mouth, a sharp tooth in the melon. My brother and I tried to dig, but we couldn't dig. "don't hurt your hands. I'll help." Grandma said. Ah! We finally finished, and we watched the jack-o 'lantern very happy!

  We lit candles and slowly put them in the jack-o-lantern. Wow, that's beautiful! I like this jack-o '-lantern.

  I really hope that the next Halloween will come soon. I will eat candy and make jack-o-lanterns. I love Halloween!


  My favorite color is black, and of course Halloween also includes me!

  Today, we have a "ghost" convention.

  Ni xiaodong put his beloved ghost mask on his head and put his mother's black clothes on him, and went with me to play tricks on female classmates. We closed the doors and hid behind the door to scare li xiuzhen. We didn't expect her to be ready: when she opened the door, we put on the mask to scare her. She held out a bloody hand to catch us. We didn't scare her, but she was scared! What a loss!

  Our class, dressed in outlandish costumes, crossed into small baskets, filed in a line, ran to the office, and asked the teacher for candy. The leader shouted, "Trick or treat!" "Trick or treat! Was catnip or treat! ... "Of course, the teachers laughed and gave candy...

  After school, I lit my booty: wow! There are more than 50 candies! I peel the candy paper and tuck the candy into my mouth, the sweet fruit juice of sweet fruit always permeates my heart...


  Today is Halloween. We wear all kinds of masks, wear colorful clothes and go to school.

  There, the foreign language teacher came in like a ghost. He was dressed in flawless white clothes and white powder on his face. The foreign language teacher came at him like a wild animal and scared us to run around. The foreign language teacher was so shocked that he laughed. The foreign language teacher showed us the dishes. I was watching with relish, the foreign language teacher ran up behind me and shouted, "ah... "I was scared out of my skin.

  In the afternoon, the foreign language teacher introduced us to two people. One was Millie and she was dressed like a witch. Another is whitby. He's dressed like a doctor. They took out a large bag of sugar and sprinkled it, and the sweets fell down like raindrops, and we rushed over them with lightning speed.

  How time flies, the whole time passes, the school is out of school, look in full pocket, I thought: this Halloween is really happy ah! I like Halloween best!


  On Friday night, I went to bond with my classmates for Halloween.

  Standing at the gate of bond, there was a huge, terrifying ghost that greeted us as if we were in the devil's hell.

  There are some students in there who pretend to be ghosts, but I'm not like them. I'm a witch.

  Inside the most fun is hungry you damn fool reborn, my classmates and I play, first with his left hand to touch her ears, with his right hand twist your nose, bent down, turn around three times in situ, the teacher put potato chips in our nose, using your tongue to eat potato chips. My chips have landed, but my classmates have it. She is very cow!

  Halloween is coming to an end and I really want to stay there.