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  The day before Halloween, the little lion sat at the window and saw the sun in the sky outside. He is dying to know whether the sun will come tomorrow. The little lion climbed to the high platform and carried his head to the sun. The sun does not answer. The little lion thought, "I am too far from the sun. He can't hear."

  The little lion went up to the mountain and climbed to the top of the mountain and shouted to the sun, "hello!" A voice came from afar, "hello!" The little lion thought that the sun was going to hear him, and he was answering me. "Tomorrow is Halloween. Will you come?" The sun answered, "tomorrow is Halloween, and you won't come... "The little lion said," I will come." The sun also answered, "I'm coming... "The little lion asked the sun," what do you want?" The sun also asked, "what kind of gift do you want... "The little lion replied," I want a pumpkin head lantern." The sun answered, "I want a pumpkin head lantern... "

  After the little lion went down the hill, he went to the shop and bought a beautiful plastic pumpkin head lantern. He put it on the high platform and gave it to the sun. A gust of wind blew in the night, and the jack-o '-lantern was "... On...... "The ground rolled down, and he rolled to the door of the little lion's house.

  The next morning, the little lion opened the door to find a beautiful pumpkin head lantern. "Oh! This must be a Halloween gift from sun gong! The little lion climbed to the top of the mountain and shouted to the sun, "thank you for the gift, happy Halloween!" The sun also said, "thanks for the present, happy Halloween... "


  Today is Halloween. We wear all kinds of masks, wear colorful clothes and go to school.

  There, the foreign language teacher came in like a ghost. He was dressed in flawless white clothes and white powder on his face. The foreign language teacher came at him like a wild animal and scared us to run around. The foreign language teacher was so shocked that he laughed. The foreign language teacher showed us the dishes. I was watching with relish, the foreign language teacher ran up behind me and shouted, "ah... "I was scared out of my skin.

  In the afternoon, the foreign language teacher introduced us to two people. One was Millie and she was dressed like a witch. Another is whitby. He's dressed like a doctor. They took out a large bag of sugar and sprinkled it, and the sweets fell down like raindrops, and we rushed over them with lightning speed.

  How time flies, the whole time passes, the school is out of school, look in full pocket, I thought: this Halloween is really happy ah! I like Halloween best!


  Celtic believed that the sun god helped them grow crops. But each year the sun god is attacked by an evil force called Samhain and spent six months in captivity. Samhain, and two other titles, "Lord of Dead" and "Prince of Darkness", came to Celtic land with cold and dark winters.

  The celts are very afraid of the night of October 31, because they feel like there's a bunch of evil souls lurking everywhere. They set fire to their home to let evil spirits leave their homes. (the last untranslated paragraph was that the flames could frighten the ghost away.) They believed Samhain had called the dead, and they believed that Samhain would turn the dead into something else, like a cat. The celts will be disguising their evil spirits with terrible disguises. (this is the prototype for Halloween.)

  Then Rome took over the Celtic lands and put the Roman holiday together with the Celtic Samhain festival on October 31, and it was now Halloween.


  Everyone knows that Halloween is on October 31st every year, and on Halloween, everyone is dressed in ghost costumes. Do you know why? Ha ha, I will tell you: because the western New Year in November, they think that the night before New Year, there are a lot of haunted by the ghost, elves, goblins, vampires, we wear ghost costumes, they think we are ghosts, not afraid, so we have to wear ghost costumes.

  So why do you want to make a jack-o '-lantern? I'll tell you: because they want to cheat us, for example the fallen angels, they are the enemy of mankind, we carved an image of a face on the pumpkin, they is a smile, when a fool meeting you!

  I think you know the origin of Halloween!


  Halloween (Halloween) (also called Halloween, Halloween) on October 31 of each year, is a traditional festival of the English speaking world, mainly in North America, the British Isles, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. That night the child would wear a costume, mask and go from house to house collecting candy. The Chinese region often mistakenly calls Halloween a Halloween.

  "Halloween", an abbreviation of "AllHallowEve," refers to the eve of AllHallowEve, which is called "ChristmasEve" on Christmas Eve. "Hallow" is derived from middle English halwen with holy etymology is very close, some areas in Scotland and Canada, Halloween is still known as "AllHallowMas", meaning is in memory of all saints (Hallow) on that day, to a Mass (Mass).

  Halloween is usually associated with something different. Traditionally, Halloween is considered to be the closest thing to human life in the world, and the legend is similar to that of China's elam. The Minnesota city of Anoka, which claims to be the "Halloween capital of the world", holds a huge parade every year.